Fischer Porter, ABB, Rosemount, Micromotion
Process Controls Repair
  • Flowmeter Repair Services...

    Magnetic, Coriolis, Rotameters, Turbine, Venturi, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Mass Flowmeters, Level Meters are a few of the huge amount of diversity within the process controls industry. We repair all flowmeters to the very core whether to replace sensor types, replace or repair coils, transformers, or to replace the liners. Our technicians have the knowledge, parts and resources to repair and remanufacture just about every flow meter made by any manufacturer to original specifications.

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  • Top Manufacturers...

    Aalborg, ABB, Badger, Brooks, Daniel, EESIFLO, Fischer Porter, Krohne, Omega, Siemens, Rosemount, Foxboro, Micromotion, Sierra Inst., Yokogawa to name a few. Our repair labs stock most parts for manufacturers and therefore expedite repairs in a fraction of the time of other companies. Our technicians never outsource a single repair to another company and in many cases are referred by manufacturers who no longer support their products!

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  • Process Controls Repair...

    Process Control services provided are extensive repairing temperature transmitters, PH meters, ORP meters, pressure transmitters, vibration monitors, I to P's, PID controls, PLC's, DCS systems, and SCADA systems.

    Our technicians repair to component level and often replacing surface mount components. Once repaired our technicians load test the units and calibrate as needed.

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  • ISO NIST Calibration Services...

    Calibration services include all process controls and we do not only stop there. Our calibration expertise offers NIST calibration for ISO certification for multimeters, bench meters, process meters and simulators, oscilloscopes, megohmmeters, pneumatic controllers, network analyzers, and most field meters for any process measurement and network analyzing procedure. We also offer 24 hour turn-around for most calibrations to keep your company ISO compliant.

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Process Controls Repair Specialists

Allen Industries specializes in the repair and calibration of Process Controls in the manufacturing industry, waste water treatment facilities, liquids, gases, steam, and various other products that need to be measured and totalized. Flow meters (Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Volumetric, Vortex, Coriolis, and Differential Pressure) level transmitters, chart recorders, PH meters, temperature transmitters, and various other process controls are all repairable by our knowledgeable and capable certified electronic technicians. Contact us for further capabilities.

ABB Transmitter Repair (Fischer and Porter)

Allen Industries technicians have repaired Fischer and Porter flow meters from the beginning with the Mag-X, mini-mags, and smart-mags which were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. ABB purchased and furthered F&P’s technology to a more concise modularized product offering. We have repaired all of these models from the beginning and own ALL of the flow simulators for mini-mags all the way to present ABB electronics. We are one of the few companies to be able to repair and have parts for the mini-mags and smart mags and we repair and calibrate the newer ABB smart meters. We were able to invest in all of the newer simulators and calibrators when other repair companies could not or would not. So take advantage of our large stock of parts and test instruments to save your Fischer and Porter flow meter or your newer ABB smart technology meters. We have a full service lab in the United States for American water plants that need service without sending out of the country or up-selling. You can count on Allen Industries, Inc.

Daniel Flow Meter Services

Allen Industries for unparalleled Daniel repair and calibration services. Allen Industries is one of the few companies to completely understand the technologies of Daniel, Rosemount, Micro Motion within Emerson Process Technologies. Allen Industries. flow labs and electronic flow simulators are within .1% tolerance and we only purchase 1% resistors and mil-spec semiconductors for all process controls repairs.

SCADA Systems Repair

Bailey, Fischer and Porter were and still are a large provider of SCADA systems for nuclear power plants and Allen Industries have repaired and continue to repair a large amount of Bailey Fischer and Porter controls worldwide. We are aware of the controls becoming very old and out of date and the complexity of trying to replace the controls. As a result we stock and repair several SCADA DCS systems for nuclear power plants as well as refining systems and water treatment plants.

Power Supply Repair

Allen Industries is proud to offer Lambda Power supply repair service by providing world Class power supply repair services worldwide. Allen Industries cares about the power supply repair service you receive.We provide power supply repair service for many applications such as Lambda Power, water companies, process control companies, manufacturing facilities and others that requires power supplies. We service large power supplies for main power for DC control, AC control power supply for clean energy and control labs. Power supplies: Lambda Power, TDK Lambda, EMI and more!

Allen Industries Repair Services

Allen Industries is dedicated to providing Quality repair and calibration services for many products, meters and instruments that your business uses. We provide you with top-notch, and reliable service with consistent high performance and precision. We offer repair service for some of the most powerful, precise, and high quality oscilloscopes, Serial Bus Analyzers, and measuring units in the world.

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