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Process Controls Repair

Yokogawa Flow Transmitter Repair


Yokogawa Process Controls Repair & Calibration Service

Allen Industries service specialists repair and calibrate current and discontinued Yokogawa models, and we offer both rush and standard repair service for the following, but not limited to:

Yokogawa gas and liquid analyzer repairyokogawa-flowmeter-repair

Yokogawa valve positioners and converter repair

Yokogawa data logger repair

Yokogawa recorder repair

Yokogawa flowmeter repair

Yokogawa level transmitter repair

Yokogawa DTSX3000 repair

Yokogawa DTSX200 repair

Yokogawa pressure transmitter repair

Yokogawa temperature transmitter repair


If you would like a quotation or more information about Yokogawa process controls repair and calibration services, call us, or fill out our Quick Quote form for a fast response from a customer service associate. Response is usually within one hour!

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We offer a 24 hour turn around service for Yokogawa calibration-only service.

Rush and standard Yokogawa repair services available to fit your company needs and schedule!

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Yokogawa process controls repair and calibration services for Yokogawa field instruments for pressure, level, flow and temperature controls!


For a Yokogawa Process Controls Repair & Calibration Service quotation, call us or fill out the quick quote form for a fast response!

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SCADA Systems Repair

Bailey, Fischer and Porter were and still are a large provider of SCADA systems for nuclear power plants and Allen Industries have repaired and continue to repair a large amount of Bailey Fischer and Porter controls worldwide. We are aware of the controls becoming very old and out of date and the complexity of trying to replace the controls. As a result we stock and repair several SCADA DCS systems for nuclear power plants as well as refining systems and water treatment plants.

Power Supply Repair

Allen Industries is proud to offer Lambda Power supply repair service by providing world Class power supply repair services worldwide. Allen Industries cares about the power supply repair service you receive.We provide power supply repair service for many applications such as Lambda Power, water companies, process control companies, manufacturing facilities and others that requires power supplies. We service large power supplies for main power for DC control, AC control power supply for clean energy and control labs. Power supplies: Lambda Power, TDK Lambda, EMI and more!

Allen Industries Repair Services

Allen Industries is dedicated to providing Quality repair and calibration services for many products, meters and instruments that your business uses. We provide you with top-notch, and reliable service with consistent high performance and precision. We offer repair service for some of the most powerful, precise, and high quality oscilloscopes, Serial Bus Analyzers, and measuring units in the world.