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Our Foxboro Process Controls Repair and Calibration services include both current and obsolete –  discontinued models and series. We service transmitters, meters, recorders,  analyzers,  flow meters, controllers and positioners.

For more information or for a Foxboro process controls repair or calibration service estimate, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and we will be in touch with you shortly, Usually within One Hour!

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For more information, or to get started on an estimate, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and one of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly, Usually within one hour!

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For more information or for a Foxboro process controls repair or calibration service estimate, Simply fill out the Quick Quote form and we will be in touch with you shortly, Usually within One Hour!



LG01 Guided Wave Radar Transmitter Repair
LR01 Free-Space Radar Transmitter Repair
244LD LevelStar Buoyancy Transmitter Repair
SRD991 Intelligent Positioner Repair
SRD960 Universal Positioner Repair
244LVP Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter Repair
167LP Pneumatic Buoyancy Transmitter Repair
SRD991 Intelligent Positioner Repair
SRD960 Universal Positioner Repair
SRI990 Analog Positioner Repair
SRI983 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Repair
SRI986 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Repair
SRP981 Pneumatic Positioner Repair
FRS02 Filter Regulator Repair
FRS03 Filter Regulator Repair
FRS923 Filter Regulator Repair
SGE985 Inductive Limit Switch Repair
SMI983 Electrical Position Transmitter Repair
SMO981 Pneumatic Position Transmitter Repair
IP26 Current to Pneumatic Converter Repair
Foxboro Coriolis Flow Transmitter Repair and Calibration
 CFT50 Coriolis transmitter repair
Foxboro CFT51 repair and calibration
Foxboro CFS20
CFS25 repair
Foxboro Converter Repair
Magnetic Meter Repair and Calibration
Vortex flowmeter Repair and Calibration
9100A or 9200A/IMT25
4700S Flowtube/
47(XMTR)or 48 (XMTR)
Foxboro 84W Vortex Flow Meter Repair and Calibration
Foxboro 84F Vortex Flow Meter Repair and Calibration
84S Vortex Flow Meter Repair and Calibration
Foxboro 84 Sanitary Vortex Flowmeter Repair
Foxboro 84 Wafer Vortex Flowmeter Repair
84 NPT Vortex Flowmeter Repair
Temperature Transmitter Repair and Calibration
Smart PH10 DolpHin Sensor Repair
876PH Transmitter Repair and Calibration
Foxboro Smart PH Sensor Repair and Calibration
 875PH Series pH and ORP Electrochemical Analyzer Repair
 P417 Pneumatic Field Controller Repair
PC451 Pneumatic Controller CP 600/400 compact P Repair
Foxboro Controller repair
718TC Repair
716C Repair
 740C Repair
 743CB Repair
762C Repair
 Flow Computer Repair
75RTA Repair
75LBA Repair
75MCA Repair
 6100 AF Recorder Repair
Recorder Repair
6180AF Recorder Repair
AE214 Field Indicator Repair
 IAP10 Transmitter Repair
 IGP10 Pressure Transmitter Repair
 IGB20 Pressure Transmitter Repair
Differential Pressure Transmitters Repair
Electro-Magnetic Flow Meters Repair
 83 Vortex Flow Meter Repair
Foxboro Electronic Process Controller
762 – Single station Micro Controller Repair
731C – Digital Process Controller Repair
 743C – Field Station MICRO Controller Repair
743CB – Field Station MICRO Dual Loop Controller
740C – Circular Chart Recording Controller Repair
T630C – Advanced Process Controller Repair
716C Temperature Controller Repair
718TC Temperature Process Controller 1/8 DIN
718PR Process Controller Repair
763RNA – Strip Chart Recorder Repair
763RSA – Strip Chart Recorder Repair
Foxboro 763MNA – Multi Point Recorder Repair
752RNA – Strip Chart Recorder Repair
Invensys-Foxboro 740R – Circular Chart Recorder Repair
Invensys-Foxboro E27R – Indicating Recorder Repair
Invensys-Foxboro 40M Recorder Repair
40P Recorder Repair
43AP Indicating Controller Repair
875pH Analyzer Repair
873pH Analyzer Repair
873DPX Analyzer Repair
873APH Analyzer Repair
 870ITPH Transmitter Repair
Foxboro Current to Pressure Converter Repair
E69F – I to P Converter Repair
I/A series
We provide Invensys-Foxboro repair service throughout the country including
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming USA Canada Mexico Las Vegas Anaheim Reno Sacramento Phoenix Tucson Oahu Maui Miami Scottsdale Flagstaff Humboldt Clark County Coronado San Diego Los Angeles

SCADA Systems Repair

Bailey, Fischer and Porter were and still are a large provider of SCADA systems for nuclear power plants and Allen Industries have repaired and continue to repair a large amount of Bailey Fischer and Porter controls worldwide. We are aware of the controls becoming very old and out of date and the complexity of trying to replace the controls. As a result we stock and repair several SCADA DCS systems for nuclear power plants as well as refining systems and water treatment plants.

Power Supply Repair

Allen Industries is proud to offer Lambda Power supply repair service by providing world Class power supply repair services worldwide. Allen Industries cares about the power supply repair service you receive.We provide power supply repair service for many applications such as Lambda Power, water companies, process control companies, manufacturing facilities and others that requires power supplies. We service large power supplies for main power for DC control, AC control power supply for clean energy and control labs. Power supplies: Lambda Power, TDK Lambda, EMI and more!

Allen Industries Repair Services

Allen Industries is dedicated to providing Quality repair and calibration services for many products, meters and instruments that your business uses. We provide you with top-notch, and reliable service with consistent high performance and precision. We offer repair service for some of the most powerful, precise, and high quality oscilloscopes, Serial Bus Analyzers, and measuring units in the world.